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Zhilin Zhang

About Me

Human-Computer Interaction; Artificial Intelligence; Social Computing;

Decentralization; Crowdsourcing; Education; Accessibility

I am a 2nd-year CS PhD student at the University of Oxford, working on the Ethical Web and Data Architecture project led by Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

My research interests are broadly in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I study HCI to better understand and improve human interactions with AI and other complex algorithmic systems. I design and build computing systems to positively support users' online behaviors and interactions in a scalable and accessible way.

I received my B.S. and M.S., both in Computer Science, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), co-advised by Professor Lawrence Angrave and Professor Karrie Karahalios. I also worked with Professor ChengXiang Zhai in the Data and Information Systems Laboratory.

Please feel free to contact me at:

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Latest Updates

[01/2024]: Two New Papers Accepted at CHI 2024

[05/2023]: A New Paper Accepted at ICER 2023​​

[06/2022]: A New Paper Accepted at Educational Technology Research and Development Journal

[07/2021]: Best Paper Awards at ASEE 2021

[05/2021]: Two New Papers Accepted at ASEE 2021 ​​

[05/2021]: A New Paper Accepted at SOUPS 2021​​

[01/2021]: Teaching Assistant CS225: Data Structures

[12/2020]: A New Paper Accepted at CHI 2021  ​​

[09/2020]: Best Paper Honorable Mention at ASEE 2020  

[08/2020]: Teaching Assistant CS410: Text Information Systems

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(* = Equal Contribution)

Am I Wrong, or Is the Autograder Wrong? Effects of AI Grading Mistakes on Learning

ICER 2023 - Full Paper [pdf]

Tiffany Wenting Li*, Silas Hsu*, Max Fowler, Zhilin Zhang, Craig Zilles, Karrie Karahalios

Advancing Learnersourced Caption Editing for Video-Based STEM Education
Educational Technology Research and Development Journal - Full Paper [pdf]
Bhavya*, Si Chen*, Zhilin Zhang*, Tiffany Wenting Li, Yun Huang, Lawrence Angrave, ChengXiang Zhai

How Students Search Video Captions to Learn: An Analysis of Search Terms and Behavioral Timing Data
ASEE 2021 - Full Paper [pdf]
Zhilin Zhang*, Bhavya*, Lawrence Angrave, Ruihua Sui, Rob Kooper, Chirantan Mahipal, Yun Huang

A UDL-Based Large-Scale Study on the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Engineering Courses
ASEE 2021 - Full Paper [pdf]

3rd Best Paper Award & 2nd Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Paper Award
Jenny Amos*, Zhilin Zhang*, Lawrence Angrave*, Hongye Liu*, Yiyin Shen

WebAlly: Making Visual Task-based CAPTCHAs Transferable for People with Visual Impairments
SOUPS 2021 - Full Paper [pdf]
Zhuohao Zhang, Zhilin Zhang, Haolin Yuan, Natã Barbosa, Sauvik Das, Yang Wang

Attitudes Surrounding an Imperfect AI Autograder
CHI 2021 - Full Paper [pdf]
Silas Hsu*, Tiffany Wenting Li*, Zhilin Zhang, Max Fowler, Craig Zilles, Karrie Karahalios

Improving Student Accessibility, Equity, Course Performance, and Lab Skills: How Introduction of ClassTranscribe is Changing Engineering Education

ASEE 2020 - Full Paper [pdf]

Best Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Paper Honorable Mention
Lawrence Angrave, Karin Jensen, Zhilin Zhang, Chirantan Mahipal, David Mussulman, Christopher Schmitz, Robert Baird, Hongye Liu, Ruihua Sui, Maryalice Wu, and Rob Kooper

Who Benefits? Positive Learner Outcomes from Behavioral Analytics of Online Lecture Video Viewing using ClassTranscribe

SIGCSE 2020 - Full Paper [pdf]

Lawrence Angrave, Zhilin Zhang, Genevieve Henricks-Lepp, Chirantan Mahipal

Attitudes, Behaviors, and Learning Outcomes from Using ClassTranscribe, a UDL-Featured Video-Based Online Learning Platform with Learnersourced Text-Searchable Captions

UIUC - Master's Thesis (2021)  [pdf]

Zhilin Zhang

What Benefits? Exploring the Influences of Student Behaviors in Video-Based Online Learning

UIUC - Undergraduate Senior Thesis (2020)

Zhilin Zhang

ClassTranscribe: Addressing the COVID Challenge and Promoting Better Equity in Education

CRA 2020 - Lightning Talk [video]

Zhilin Zhang, Lawrence Angrave

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